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Grass Trimmer, blower



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It is mainly used for mowing lawns. It has simple product structure and low cost of use. It is one of the most widely used electric garden tools. There are many varieties of lawn mower motors produced by our company for customers to choose. There are many applications in the industry and the quality of the products has been verified. The function of the hair dryer is to blow the leaves, branches and the like through the hair dryer to collect the branches of the leaves.

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The lawn mower and the hair dryer mainly use a high-speed series-excited motor as the driving force. The motor has high rotation speed and large torque, but also has the disadvantage of large noise. Therefore, it has gradually evolved to replace the traditional series motor with a DC brushless motor. The brushless motor not only has the characteristics of a series-excited motor, but also has a high efficiency and a long life, and it is more portable with a lithium battery.

奥立思特 奥立思特


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