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Sliding door



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Work process

When the inductive detector detects that someone enters, it transmits the pulse signal to the main controller. After the main controller judges, it notifies the motor to run, and monitors the motor revolution number to notify the motor to force and enter the slow running at a certain time. After the motor gets a certain running current, it will run forward, and the power will be transmitted to the timing belt. Then the synchronous belt will transmit the power to the spreader system to open the door leaf. After the door is opened, the controller will make a judgment. If the door is closed, the motor is notified to reverse. Move to the door and close the door leaf.


Way of working

By rotating the gear of the sliding door motor to drive the rack connected with the door body, the door body slides left and right on the pre-buried track, and the remote controller is selected as the single-button operation mode, and the command is "open-stop-close-stop". Loop command

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